National Absinthe Day


In recognition of my first post and it being March 5th, let’s celebrate “National Absinthe Day”.

Absinthe History:

I think most people know Absinthe as being the inspirational factor in artworks from famous artist such as Van Gogh and Toulouse-Lautrec but did you know that Absinthe was first used for medicinal purposes?

The key ingredient in making Absinthe is the wormwood plant.  It is highly rich in terpene thujone which some say bring a heightened sense of consciousness and creativity.

Here’s a fun fact list of ancient and modern day medicinal uses of the wormwood plant:

Artemisia absinthium

  • The Egyptians used the plant as an antiseptic, remedy for fever and menstrual cramps
  • In the Middle Ages it was used for tapeworm infestations
  • Pythagoras recommended it to aid labor in childbirth
  • Hippocrates prescribed it for jaundice, rheumatism and anemia
  • The Roman scholar Pliny the Elder recommended it as an elixir of youth and as a cure for bad breath
  • The Germans used it as a digestive
  • Bedouin Africans use it for ritual purposes and turn it into an  incense which is then passed all around the body of a newborn child as it is believed that it will bring  a life of good health






(image source,

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