Like smooth skin?

During a recent trip to San Francisco we decided to venture out to Napa!  Boy was that a good idea.  We ended up at the Oxbow Public Market.

Be forewarned that the parking lot is a nightmare but once inside you will see that it was well worth it!  While browsing through the myriad of stands, I stopped by the Olive Press, particularly to smell the lotions.  I tried each and every one of them.  Due to indecisiveness, I purchased all three scents (Fig Olive, Lavender and Olive Leaf) in travel size.

I recently began using them daily and am particularly surprised at how great the quality is.  Usually the store brand lotions I  buy moisturize me for a few hours but this was not the case with The Olive Press brand.  From morning til night, it keeps my skin soft and moisturized while smelling great.  Adding them to my daily regimen has caused for them to run low.  I’m so in love with this lotion brand that I’m heavily considering ordering them online (if available).  My preferred scent is the “Olive Leaf”.  The other two smell great but there’s just something about this one that’s really soothing.

If you guys are planning to visit the area, I would definitely recommend that you stop by and check it out.  The food is yummy, the produce is fresh and the location is charming.napanapa3napa2napa5napa4


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