Crystal Elixirs…Gem Waters..Crystal Tonics…Crystal Waters

One day, while browsing through my instagram feed I noticed these really interesting water bottles.  I’m totally into the whole concept of positive energy and crystals and these water bottles seemed to be just what I had been looking for!  I’ve browsed through youtube videos and websites on how to make my own crystal elixirs but never really when through with it.  I was always afraid that I would pick the wrong type of crystal and end up poisoning myself.

So out of curiosity I clicked on the tagged name and was redirected to the “Glacce Bottles”IG page.  This company is ran by two ladies from Denver, Colorado who came up with the concept of creating a modern design of a crystal elixir by means of water bottles.  Kinda cool, right?

The actual elixirs are created once crystals are added to the water.  Now you may know this process as something else since there tends to be various names associated with crystal elixirs such as, gem waters, gem elixirs, gem tonics, gem essences, crystal waters, crystal essences, crystal tonics, and more.  Just know that they essentially all mean the same thing.  There really isn’t any difference in the process of how they are made.

The glacce bottles are sold individually, therefore, if you like two different types of crystals, you will have to buy two different bottles.  I’m awaiting for the option to purchase the crystal  compartment separately as I have my eye on all three other crystals!  The bottles are kinda pricey as they go for a whopping $80 not including s&h which comes out to a little bit over $87.  Do note that the Amethyst bottle is a little bit pricier than the others.

image from glacce bottle website

There are only four types of crystals that are available for purchase.  I purchased the clear quartz!  I’ve been on this journey of starting my blog for awhile with no true commitment.  I guess you can say I’m attempting to gain motivation from mystical sources, right? lol  So far, I haven’t used it as it’s instructed on the site, which is to meditate your intentions on the crystal prior to use.

No, the water doesn’t taste any different.  It taste like, well, water.  That is usually the number one question that people ask.  What does it taste like? Does it taste like metal? Have you gained any psychic abilities? Unfortunately, no to all especially the latter.  However, it wouldn’t be too shabby of a deal to gain psychic powers from drinking an elixir, right?  I may have to invest in the Amethyst bottle to give it a try!

What I really liked about the bottle is how well it was packaged!  It comes packed within two boxes.  One is customized with their logo.  The outer box is just a plain box.  The bottle is made out of glass and comes with a glove for the bottom portion.  As demonstrated in the image above, the bottle does disassemble.  The bottom comes off which makes it easy to clean.  The crystal is securely affixed to the metal bottom, therefore it cannot be removed.  Since these items are hand crafted, the crystals tend to be a bit lopsided.  As you can see in my image below, my crystal sways a little bit to the right.  I don’t mind it but if you’re OCD on formations perhaps this may be an issue for you.  The bottle is a bit small (18 oz depending on the crystal size) but that is just my opinion.  I tend to drink a lot of water throughout the day so it would’ve been nice to have a larger option.  However, looking at it from a positive perspective it does encourage constant movement for refills.  So if you have a sedentary job, this would be ideal for you.  I’m a Higher ed administrator so 90% of the time I’m working off a computer.


Per their site, the clear quartz will aid in energy, clarity, cleansing and positivity.

Clear quartz is the stone of ultimate wisdom and total clarity. It harnesses the balancing energy of positivity, healing, connection, and wisdom. Clear quartz is easily programmable and is known to amplify energy and thought, making it a powerful tool to manifesting your intentions. It is a great regulator and it’s elixir will help to keep you focused and energized throughout your day. Clear quartz has the power to transform negative energy into positive energy and is a widely used healing stone. Use this as a talisman for finding clarity in your intentions and manifesting your dreams.


image from glacce bottle website -Rose Quartz

If you’re looking to attract love, beauty, forgiveness or presence then your go to bottle is most likely the Rose Quartz edition.

Rose quartz is the stone of the heart, the crystal of unconditional love. It harnesses the feminine energy of compassion, love, peace, tenderness, healing and nourishment. It dissolves emotional wounds, fears, resentments, and aids in the acceptance of necessary change. This stone allows for a deep sense of presence in the moment and gives power to your personal faith in the healing process. Use this crystal to reawaken your heart to its own innate love and allow yourself the capacity to truly give and receive love.

image from glacce bottle website – Amethyst

If you are seeking calmness, a heightened sense of intuition or increasing creativity or maintaining sobriety then the Amethyst elixir is your pick!

Amethyst is the dreamers stone, the crystal of balance and protection. It harnesses the energy of creativity, spirituality, and passion, yet bears the logic of temperance and sobriety. Amethyst ushers a deep connection with source energy, which can help awaken your creative potential and enhance your existing psychic abilities. Use this crystal as a talisman of focus, success, and protection from negative energies. Amethyst is also known for being a sobriety stone and can support those struggling with addiction or mental illness.

image from glacce bottle website – Smoky Quartz

I purchased this one for my niece as she’s going away to college this year!  Going away to an unknown city can bring about anxiety that you didn’t know existed.  Plus sharing your space with an unknown individual could also bring about unwanted negative energy.  I figured buying her this bottle would be of multiple use to her (1) Aid in hydrating her (2) Protecting her from negative energy and (3)  Bringing a sense of relaxation to her new life

The smoky quartz elixir aids in the area of grounding, relaxation, protection and power.

Smoky quartz elixirs are perfect for the ambitious.  Sometimes we get caught up in our art, work, or taking on too much at once.  Let smoky quartz bring you back down to earth and serve as a reminder to take it all in, one step at a time.  This stone has been known to help relieve anxiety.  It will ground you through your ups & downs.  With this elixir, you will feel safe in your space, protected from anything negative.  This groundedness will make you feel powerful.  And feeling powerful gives you freedom.

If any of you guys own these bottles and have used them properly, what were your experiences?  Did the product provide what it advocates?  I think I’m going to recharge my crystal during the next full moon and set my intentions to have the full experience.




This past weekend I was fortunate enough to snag free tickets to the Formula E Miami E-prix car race.  This was my first time going to any sort of race car event; however, I surprisingly had a really good time!  I’m all for electric cars (even though I don’t drive one) or anything that contributes towards a healthy and stable environment.

If you’re unsure whether you would consider an e-car for your next car purchase here are somethings to consider:

  • 1. No Gas Required: Electric cars are entirely charged by the electricity you provide, meaning you don’t need to buy any gas ever again. Driving fuel based cars can burn a hole in your pocket as prices of fuel have gone all time high. With electric cars, this cost can be avoided as an average American spends $2000 – $4000 on gas each year. Though electricity isn’t free, an electric car is far cheaper to run.

    2. Savings: These cars can be fuelled for very cheap prices, and many new cars will offer great incentives for you to get money back from the government for going green. Electric cars can also be a great way to save money in your own life.

    3. No Emissions: Electric cars are 100 percent eco-friendly as they run on electrically powered engines. It does not emit toxic gases or smoke in the environment as it runs on clean energy source. They are even better than hybrid cars as hybrids running on gas produce emissions. You’ll be contributing to a healthy and green climate.

    4. Popularity: EV’s are growing in popularity. With popularity comes all new types of cars being put on the market that are each unique, providing you with a wealth of choices moving forward.

    5. Safe to Drive: Electric cars undergo same fitness and testing procedures test as other fuel powered cars. In case an accident occurs, one can expect airbags to open up and electricity supply to cut from battery. This can prevent you and other passengers in the car from serious injuries.

    6. Cost Effective: Earlier, owing an electric car would cost a bomb. But with more technological advancements, both cost and maintenance have gone down. The mass production of batteries and available tax incentives have further brought down the cost, thus, making it much more cost effective.

    7. Low Maintenance: Electric cars runs on electrically powered engines and hence there is no need to lubricate the engines. Other expensive engine work is a thing of past. Therefore, the maintenance cost of these cars has come down. You don’t need to send it to service station often as you do a normal gasoline powered car.

    8. Reduced Noise Pollution

    Many owners of electric cars have reported positive savings of up to tens of thousands of dollars a year. Considering the demand for oil will only be going up as the supplies run out, an electric car will most likely be the normal mode of transportation in the coming future. Companies like Nissan and Tesla offer great electric models with an outstanding amount of benefits for people who decide to invest. You’ll be saving not only yourself, but also your family a huge amount of money. The environmental impact of an electric car is zero, as well – meaning you’re reducing your carbon footprint and positively affecting the economy.

    Disadvantages of an Electric Car

    Although the evidence of the positives has become very clear, there are also some downsides that each individual needs to consider before they decide to make an electric car their next big investment. These reasons are:

    1. Recharge Points: Electric fueling stations are still in the development stages. Not a lot of places you go to on a daily basis will have electric fueling stations for your vehicle, meaning that if you’re on a long trip and run out of a charge, you may be stuck where you are.

    2. Electricity isn’t Free: Electric cars can also be a hassle on your energy bill if you’re not considering the options carefully. If you haven’t done your research into the electric car you want to purchase, then you may be making an unwise investment. Sometimes electric cars require a huge charge in order to function properly – which may reflect poorly on your electricity bill each month.

    3. Short Driving Range and Speed: Electric cars are limited by range and speed. Most of these cars have range about 50-100 miles and need to be recharged again. You just can’t use them for long journeys as of now, although it is expected to improve in future.

    4. Longer Recharge Time: While it takes couple of minutes to fuel your gasoline powered car, an electric car take about 4-6 hours to get fully charged. Therefore, you need dedicated power stations as the time taken to recharge them is quite long.

    5. Silence as Disadvantage: Silence can be a bit disadvantage as people like to hear noise if they are coming from behind them. An electric car is however silent and can lead to accidents in some cases.

    6. Normally 2 Seaters: Most of the electric cars available today are small and 2 seated only. They are not meant for entire family and a third person can make journey for other two passengers bit uncomfortable.

    7. Battery Replacement: Depending on the type and usage of battery, batteries of almost all electric cars are required to be changed every 3-10 years.

    8. Not Suitable for Cities Facing Shortage of Power: As electric cars need power to charge up, cities already facing acute power shortage are not suitable for electric cars. The consumption of more power would hamper their daily power needs.

    9. Some governments do not provide money saving initiatives in order to encourage you to buy an electric car.

    10. Some base models of electric cars are still very expensive because of how new they are and the technology it took to develop them.