Waking up in Vegas!

Vegas isn’t usually my ideal place for travel; although, last week,  I found myself heading there for a work conference.

I have only been there once prior and vowed to do everything that Vegas is not known for.  My first time visit revolved around  kayaking in the black canyon, renting a car and driving to Death valley and last but not least, attending two Vegas shows -Cirque du Soleil (which I was not impressed with) and The Mentalist.

Fast forward to last week, I landed in Vegas for a conference.  Luckily, one of my colleagues whom I consider a friend also attended.  This worked out perfectly as through conversations I gathered that she we shared similar traveling styles. When it comes to traveling,  it’s always a hit or miss when it’s done with others.  It can be challenging when you have a group who tend to either do limited activities or do none at all.  In this stage of my life, I’m very cognizant with whom I can or cannot travel with.  I know myself to be one who enjoys indulging in all a city has to offer.  I like to have planned out days that involve cultural activities and fine dining.  I really don’t have a strong interest in selecting cities that have famously active party scenes.  I’m more satisfied with ending a night at a hole in the way with a glass of wine listening to traditional music of whichever country and/or city I am visiting.

Now on to Vegas!  During our stay, we tried to do as many activities as possible given that we were there for work and that some of us had to present during the conference.

Our first night, we checked out Mind Freak.  One of our colleagues kind of has an obsession with Cris Angel so we indulged her by attending his show.  If anyone has watched his tv show, it’s essentially a similar format.  One thing that I really enjoyed about it was the ending (not in a bad sense) and his strong commitment to fund raising for childhood cancer.  It was very touching seeing footage of his visitations to the various hospitals and his time spent with the kids.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t take any pictures as it was prohibited.

The following morning we took a tour to the Grand Canyon (south rim).  I think this was the highlight of all of our excursions.  Unfortunately, the tour mainly composed of driving given the distance from Vegas to the canyon.  Nonetheless, the anticipation was well worth it as the views were spectacular.  The tour takes you through the hoover dam, as well as the famous Route 66.



The other nights we mainly stayed on the strip and visited a few Vegas notables:

  • The High Roller
  • The Eiffel Tower
  • The Bellagio’s dancing fountain
  • Caesar’s Palace
  • The Conservatory
  • (Away from the stip) Old Vegas – Freemont street and Banger’s brewery
  • The slot machines at the MGM Grand (our hotel)